Make Way For Alternative Cancer Treatments

A lot of parts of the body may develop cancer. Fortunately for the patients diagnosed with this dreaded disease, there are a lot of treatment options that are available now.

As long as cancer is diagnosed and treated in its earliest stage, it is highly treatable. There was a time in the history of medicine that the probability of a person surviving cancer was very low.

But now, with all the technological advancements made in the field of medicine, the 'big C' has become curable.

The traditional treatment of cancer basically aims to stop cancer from spreading throughout the body by destroying the cancer cells as soon as they are detected.

Secondly, the cancer patient's damaged tissue and immune system must be rebuilt to exhume any tumor-filled mass.

Finally, the treatment should totally remove the cancer cells which destroyed the patient's immune system.

This would include eliminating the toxins from the patient's body which is caused by the treatment and the disease itself.

Aside from the traditional radiation therapy and other usual treatments that a cancer patient may undergo, there are alternative cancer treatments.

Now, a patient can have a choice between the traditional way of healing cancer and an alternative way to treat the disease.

Take a look at some of the alternative treatments for cancer:

- Traditional Chinese medicine
When it comes to alternative treatments for cancer, traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most popular options for patients.

Ancient Chinese medicine has treated a lot of patients for centuries now and it claims to be the most effective and safe ways in cancer treatment.

As opposed to radiation or chemotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine involves a cancer therapy which destroys the cancerous cells without harming the good ones.

This alternative cancer treatment method involves treatment using Chinese medicine which claims to have no effect.

It is also supposed to be toxic-free, effective and inexpensive. More importantly, traditional Chinese medicine promotes a better quality of life, controls the disease and prevents the recurrence of cancer.

The good thing about traditional Chinese medicine is that you can use it to coincide with traditional cancer treatments.

In fact, they purport to be even more effective when used alongside chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

-Herbal dietary supplements

There are herbal dietary supplements available in the market now which help destroy cancer cells. Once taken orally, these dietary supplements control and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

- Alternative vaccine for cancer

Vaccines are injected for preventive medicinal purposes. However, if vaccine is used to 'treat' and not prevent cancer, then their main purpose is to be therapeutic.

Cancer vaccines stimulate the immune system of a person diagnosed with cancer. The vaccine targets the cancer cells which do not have an internal immune system because they are not 'foreign' to the body.

Unlike the preventive vaccines, cancer vaccines use a different substance or chemical to boost a cancer patient's immune system.

Depending on the cancer type, different approaches to cancer vaccine are used to treat a patient.

- Other alternative cancer treatments

Just like any other life-threatening disease, medicine has paved the way for alternative treatments for a cancer patient.

Some other alternative cancer treatments are as follows:

1. ozone therapy
2. ionic silver treatment
3. herbal cancer cleansing method
4. essiac tea
5. cesium
6. hydrogen peroxide
7. nutritional and dietary supplements
8. whole foods
9. juicing
10. glutathione and whey protein

Amidst all of the alternative treatments available for cancer, a patient would still need to consult a professional health care provider.

Alternative cancer treatments which aim to heal or treat the disease may be very helpful towards a cancer patient's recovery, but the decision should still lie with the person diagnosed with cancer.

And remember that the aim of these alternative treatments should be to heal or stop the cancer cells from spreading.




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