Promote Awareness. Wear Breast Cancer Bracelets

breast cancer bracelet

Breast cancer is affecting more than 200,000 women every year in United States alone. Taking away someone's mom, sister, neighbor, teacher, good friend, or wife everyday. Like AIDS, the strongest weapons anyone can have to fight this illness are correct information and awareness.

Cancer bracelets caught the eye of the public when a famous cancer survivor wore one as a symbol. This is non other than seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. He is an American cyclist who became instant celebrity after winning the famous bicycle race. He suffered testicular cancer that affects 8,000 – 9,000 men every year. He went through chemotherapy and surgery to treat the disease. He founded Lance Armstrong Foundation to help patients and their families survive any type of cancer.

The purpose of these bracelets is to attract attention to the growing problem of cancer, make people think about it and take it more seriously and help fund the efforts being made to combat the dreadful disease.

The most popular breast cancer bracelets are the simple, colored pink and usually made from rubber that has inspirational words like "Faith, hope & strength" etched on each bracelet. They appeal to both teens and mature individuals sharing the same thoughts about the disease. These bracelets are commonly made from silicone, gold, sterling silver, crystals, rubber, optic and silver beads.

At this time, more and more companies are coming up with breast cancer awareness items aside from Bracelets.  These are lanyards, ribbons, caps, necklace, etc. Although these awareness charms come in different shapes, sizes and color, they share the same goal. Honoring cancer victims and survivors alike and promoting awareness to prevent or lessen breast cancer worldwide.

Anyone can buy or order these bracelets anywhere including the internet. Prize range depends on designs and the material used. Parts of the proceeds are being donated directly to the preferred anti-breast cancer organization.

The cheapest symbols that are up for grabs are ribbons and wristbands that are made from rubber. They are being sold for $1.99 - $2.99. The most expensive however, are mostly made from swarovski crystals, gold, and sterling silver. Prize range from $19.99 - $199.

Pink is the official color representing breast cancer, other type of cancer bracelets has corresponding color that serves the same purpose. Some examples are: Gray for brain cancer, Amber for childhood cancer, Royal Blue for Colon Cancer, etc.

Breast cancer can happen to everyone even celebrities like Anastacia, Kate Jackson, Olivia Newton John, Suzanne Somers, etc. They have fought and won the battle through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. If proper information will be disseminated and efforts to discover new ways to treat this disease will be funded, all women suffering from breast cancer will all be relieved. And all that can happen by simply wearing breast cancer awareness bracelet.

Breast cancer has affected so many lives and caused suffering to millions of women and their families around the globe. Most die from it because of lack of awareness and ignorance to proper medication and importance of early detection. For some, they simply do not have the means to go to the doctor to have it cured. That is why breast cancer bracelets have helped not only cancer patients but also ordinary people and organization fight the disease.




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