Cancer In The Tummy

stomach cancer awareness ribbon

Someone once said "eat, drink and be merry." Little did that person know that eating too much can be harmful since it could lead to indigestion, one of the symptoms of stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer happens when the cells in the digestive tract grow out of control. When these benign cells spread to other parts of the body, there are now termed as cancerous tumors. Though doctors have not been able to discover yet why this happens, some research suggests that ulcers and stomach polyps are linked to this disease.

Poor eating habits and working in a poor environment that has the bacteria Helicobacter pylori present may also contribute to stomach cancer.

Other symptoms of stomach cancer include heartburn, nausea and discomfort. Since this is also experienced when a patient has gastrointestinal problems, this does not necessarily mean that one has this disease.

Stomach cancer can be stopped but unlike other types of cancer, it can't be surgically removed. This limits the options that the doctors different types of therapy.

Chemotherapy can help fight of this disease.  Though this is a quick and painless procedure, this does not guarantee that it won't happen again. Smaller cells that were not seen before could come back making stomach cancer.

Radiation therapy is another solution. This procedure takes weeks to complete and can be used to make sure all the cancer cells have been destroyed. The side effect of this will let the patient experience diarrhea, uncomfortable urination, hair loss in the pelvic region and in some cases impotence.

Some people can also undergo hormone therapy. The side effect can also make the patient become impotent. Some have experienced hot flashes from time to time. Estrogen may sometimes be used during this procedure so one should anticipate for possible side effects such as nausea, vomiting and tenderness or swelling in the breast.

Since stomach cancer has been shown to recur, it is best to undergo follow up treatments and exams to make sure that the patient is already clear of this disease.

Taking some proper precautions can reduce the chances of being a victim of this disease. The best way is maintaining a balanced diet that is low in cholesterol and fat. Avoiding or reducing the consumption of fried and burned food in the form of hamburgers and barbecue can also help. Substituting or adding fruits and vegetables such as those found in soy products like tofu and soybeans are also good to prevent abnormal cell growth.

Vitamin supplements taken on a daily basis may also provide protection by giving the person nutrients that may be insufficient in the food that is being eaten. Drinking lots of liquid can also help since it dilutes cancer causing minerals after eating.

Stomach cancer can happen to anyone. Although modern medicine has not yet found a way to prevent this from happening, there is no harm in becoming aware of the factors that relate to it and then take some proper precautions.

By eating properly, exercise and visiting the doctor on a regular basis, most diseases can be detected during its early stages and can be stopped from getting any worse.

Prevention is the best medicine to avoid the pain and side effects from the treatments known to date to fight cancer in the stomach.




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