What Is Cervix Cancer?

The cervix is very essential in having a normal pregnancy. It is commonly known as the "neck of the womb" because the cervix is located at the bottom part of the uterus. For women who are not carrying a womb, the cervix has no important function but they serve an important function for some women who enjoy having sex.

Because of the presence of the cervix in a woman's body, there is the possibility of having a cervical cancer. Statistics shows according to the American Cancer Society that this kind of cancer is the sixth when it comes to the most common cancers in the United States and in the United Kingdom.cervical cancer

It is important for most women to have a Pap Smear test to see if the cervix performs on a normal basis in order to find out if there are cell changes before a cervical cancer. Cell changes in the body may take years to detect a particular cervical smear before becoming a cancerous cell. There are circumstances that may occur to the cells that the changes are gone in an instant allowing the cervix free from any danger of acquiring cervical cancer.

Smear test may not give the assurance of having a cancer to most women. The development of the cancer cells can be prevented by having pre-diagnostic tests and treatments to the pre-cancerous cell changes that is happening in the cervix.

A cervical cancer can be life threatening and the chances of survival is very low if it is in its critical stages. The Pap smear tests detect the early cell changes before developing to an acute cancer. Early detection can help a person to have at least a chance in surviving this kind of cancer. There are treatments for its cure and it can also be cured through radiotherapy and by surgery.

The viral infection can be a reason for an individual to have a cancer in the cervix. In most cases, smoking is a main factor for most women to be at risks in having cancer in the cervix. Sexual intercourse in a young age to different persons could also be a factor in the development of a cervical cancer. Although it is generally common for most women who are in their adulthood, but the risks are for all women no matter what their ages are.

It is important to have a regular Pap smear test to lessen the risks of having this kind of cancer. She must not be intimidated attending these tests because it is for her prevention and treatment if there would be found symptoms that may affect the function of the cervix. There are alternatives that can be discussed with the healthcare professional regarding the condition of the cancer that have spread in the tissues of the cervix.

A biopsy on the cervix can be diagnosed to examine the internal parts of the cervix. Most women who are diagnosed in the cervix are examined usually through a colposcopy. On the other hand, the treatments will have a type of hysterectomy, which is an operation performed by highly trained gynecologists who are experts in the cervix.

A radiotherapy can also be a treatment that can cure any early stages of cervical cancer. This kind of therapy can be also considered as a form of treating the cancer because it targets to destroy tumor-causing cells that a gynecologist may not detect. The most important factor for its treatment is that, if the cancer cells have not yet spread in the cervix where the chances for surviving the cancer are high.




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