How To Detect Prostate Cancer

decting prostate cancer

Many men are not aware about having the possibility of acquiring Prostate Cancer. Some may not even know what a prostrate cancer is and what could be the symptoms that tell them they already hit the dot, do you? If you agree to what I have just said, then, this piece of article is just right for you. Otherwise, just read along and this can add to your knowledge about this type of disease.

The shape of the prostate gland is like a walnut that can be divided into two parts, which are called the left lobe and the right lobe. It is located just below the urinary bladder, which surrounds the upper part of the urethra. The urethra is a narrow tube passage for the urine from the bladder and semen from the sex glands out through the penis. The sex hormones stimulate the prostate gland's activity and it also serves the purpose of replacing the prostate cells as they wear out.

Old men aging from 60 to 65 are tested on whether they prostate cancer, and more than 70% have the disease. However, study shows that the cause of prostate cancer is still unknown. This disease grows relatively slow compared to all other types of cancers. Men may not even discover that they already have it, to which many men with this kind of cancer will not die from it BUT with it.

With these reasons, its signs and symptoms are categorized into two groups:

I. Localized (involves prostrate gland)

- Immediate need to urinate
- Frequent urination-day and night
- Stream of urine is weak and decreased in size
- Blood in the urine
- Pain during ejaculation
- Difficulty to urinate

II. Generalized (involves sections the cancer has spread)

- Weight loss
- Low Red Blood Cell (RBC)
- Constant tiredness
- Bone pain (frequent symptom of cancer that has spread)
- Urinary clog and/or retention
- Aching pain in the groin, hips, lower back and thighs

So, now is the time to think things over and be more careful in our diets, lifestyle, regular check ups or regular screening for common cancers-an early detection of any abnormality can lead to prevention of severe cancers and easier treatment.

If you think you have some or most of the symptoms listed above, this does not necessarily mean that you already have prostate cancer. It could be caused by other prostate problems. Thus, an immediate visit to a doctor is indeed encouraged.

Keeping in mind all of the symptoms and signs of prostate cancer will make one have the greater chance of detecting such disease early.

Having this knowledge about prostate cancer draws the line between men who do not have any idea on how this type of disease can be detected and what it can inflict and those men who are plainly and painfully clueless. Handling this disease will be more manageable as long as one is aware of such disease's signs and symptoms. So now, this excludes you from one of the many men who are not even aware of the possibilities of acquiring a menacing prostate cancer.




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