Kidney Cancer: Not A Kidding Matter

There are many processes in the human body that people do not understand. Individuals simply repose, trusting that the body can take care of its own as they proceed with their lives.

There are things that do not sound pressing in the meantime but are really worthy of attention, things that require solution.

The Kidney Cancer Reality

Kidney cancer is not a very common cancer as compared to others, but it can affect the body system just as bad as any other.

Kidneys are the two bean-shaped organs that filter the blood and excrete the urine. It is located in the back waist area.

As the blood flows and as the kidney filters it, there are chances of developing diseases. Cancerous changes may take place in the tubules of the kidney. This development may also be called as Renal Cell Carcinoma.kidney cancer tumor

The Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

There are many ways by which a kidney cancer may be detected. Here are some points to be cautious of:

1. Blood in the urine
2. Unusual Lump or mass in the kidney area, the area just above the waist
3. Abnormal color of the urine
4. Back pain
5. Weight loss
6. Vaginal bleeding for women
7. Testicle enlargement for men
8. Fatigue
9. Lingering fever
10. Anemia

Having these symptoms however can also mean less serious kidney conditions like kidney stones, urinary tract infection or cysts. Thus, proper tests and diagnosis must be sought to be able to detect the problem and address it.

Diagnosing the Disease

Cystoscopy is the diagnostic technique by which one is able to investigate tumors and even other bladder diseases.

This entails examining the inside of the bladder with a tiny tube. Where tumor is found, a tissue sample will be taken for further examination or it can be rid of outright.

Ultrasound or computerized axial tomography scanning techniques may also be used to detect kidney tumors.

Urology specializes in diseases of the urinary system. It treats the common disorders that may develop.

Undesirable Consequences of Kidney Cancer

The threat of kidney cancer to the health also poses further problems and complications.

There is the possibility for haematuria.  This is manifested when blood in the urine occurs. The urine is smoky in color, darker than the usual.

This situation can also affect other organs near the kidney like the colon, pancreas or liver.

Another bad scenario is for the cancer cells to metastasize or spread to other areas. It is possible for the cancer cells to reach the areas of the lungs, lymph nodes or even the brain.

Treating the Problem

There are many ways to address the cancer problem. Doctors may use a specific treatment or a combination of treatments. It often only depends on the situation.

Some doctors may recommend surgery. Full or partial kidney removal is also a chosen treatment.

There are some who resort to biological therapy. This is concerned in triggering the immune system of the body.

The arterial embolization option will entail the blockage of the blood supply to the tumor.

Other treatments also include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, molecular markers or hormone therapy.

Last Words

Health issues are vital, like the kidney cancer and this should be seriously taken. Information in improving the quality of life and addressing the problem should be valued. Be informed of the things that will help you or your loved ones.




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