Facing The Reality Of Ovarian Cancer

Women all over the world confront different realities and challenges. Every woman is given the chance to prove herself strong, independent and capable.

However, some problems come that are beyond any control and dominion of people. This is the limitation that is faced by every individual, of having a body susceptible to disease.

The Threat of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is one disease that is unique to women. Only women have ovaries. Only women can be threatened by such.

Ovaries are reproductive glands of the female body system. It is where the eggs or ova and the female hormones are made. The ovaries are connected to the fallopian tubes to carry the eggs to the uterine cavity.ovarian cancer

They contain cells. These cells are important in maintaining the health of the tissues.

Factors to the Disease

It is found by various studies that women of industrialized countries are more likely to be affected by the disease. This is due to the discrepancy in the dietary habits and lifestyles of busy middle-class and upper-class women.

Among the Americans alone, the disease is found to be the main cause of death to women. More and more women are getting affected. The incidence is increasing by 2% every year!

It is also peculiar among the older class. At least 60% of the cases involve women aged 60 years old and up.

How Does the Disease Develop?

The disease comes about when the cells in one of the ovaries or both suddenly grow and divide rapidly. When this happens, a tumor or a small size of mass develops.

The tumor can be restricted in some cell layers. This is still considered benign. Should this tumor spread throughout the surrounding, like the organs, then it is deemed as malignant.

Types of Ovarian Cancer

The circumstances then are classified according to the type of cells formed.

1. Epithelial Cancers

This is the most common form, involving the cells covering the ovaries.

2. Germ Cell Cancers

Germ cells start the trouble within the ovaries. These are the ones supposed to form the egg cells.

3. Sex Cell Cancers

They are found in the cells that keep the ovaries together, the one that produce the hormones.

The Expectation of Survival

Survival varies among the patients, depending on the risk factors in a particular case.

1. Age

Younger patients have better chances compared to the older ones.

2. Childbearing

Those who had never been pregnant have more chances of developing this problem. There is actually a direct relation between the number of times of giving birth and the decreased chance of developing the cancer.

3. Family History

Women who have relatives, close relatives, who contracted the disease, are more likely to do so too.

4. Contraceptive Factor

Women who frequently use pills are not likely to be sick. The hormone levels created by the pill contribute to this.

Other factors relevant are cancer the stage of the disease and types of tissue.

The Symptoms

Experience proves that detection of the disease by ordinary individuals is still very poor. There are symptoms that have to be cautious of, should they linger, as they may entail ovarian cancer.

1. Bloating / Swelling
2. Changes in the bowel discharge or even in the frequency of urinating
3. Unusual abdominal discomfort
4. Constantly feeling tired
5. Lingering stomach pain or indigestion
6. Vaginal bleeding
7. Loss of appetite
8. Loss of weight
9. Back pain or leg pain

Summing Up

In general, scientists were able to see how the disease develops and what circumstances are found to increase or decrease the chances of overcoming it. However, the causes remain to be indefinite.

The thing to remember for women in here is that ovarian cancer is not something acquired from another, unlike a contagious disease.

That is why the caution definitely should start from the very lifestyle of the individual. Keep in mind that through this, a woman should take care and control of her body, her future, her life.




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