Identifying The Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

parts of the colon

Colon cancer is the third most distinctive cancer in the United States. Although it does not get much attention unlike the breast cancer and prostate cancer, it is considered as the second leading cause of deaths when it comes to cancer. It should be alarming to many individuals the possibilities that they may have the symptoms of colon cancer the chances to have an early treatment and prevent the tumor from developing in the colon.

1. A person may experience a stomach that is cramping or bloating. The bloating of the stomach is the cause of a bowel malfunction while the cramping of the stomach is the effect of untimely diarrhea and constipation. In most cases when the cancer is in its critical stage, a person may encounter severe abdominal cramping where the tumor is drilling through the bowel wall of the stomach.

2. A person may experience total weight loss. If he has encountered an unexplained weight loss, he must consider that there is a problem in his metabolism. The total weight loss that he may experience could be the cause of the tumor that blocks the bowel along the intestines and in the stomach.

3. He may also feel tiredness and being stressed out in a constant basis. One reason for a person to be tired all the time could be the cause of being anemic. This is a condition where the red blood cells are not doing their work for some reasons. They may not be bringing the needed oxygen on the cells. An anemic person may be lacking sufficient Iron in his diet.

4. If a person who always vomit without any reason may be showing signs of colon cancer. Bowel malfunction can be the cause of dizziness and vomiting where the stomach may have a tumor that throws anything that a person takes in his diet.

5. He may be experiencing changes in his bathroom habits. The tumor might be developing in the in the colon where it prevents normal flow of the waste that is supposed to be thrown out as solid waste.

6. A person would see blood in the waste that he excretes because tumors in the colon have the tendency to bleed especially if they are in the right side of the colon. There are also cases where the tumor is dried and the stains will no longer be visible by the time the waste is removed from the stomach.

7. A symptom would also be when a person experiences that his stool is becoming thinner. If a tumor starts to grow in the colon, it may affect the flow of waste that is released in the body. When he thinks that everything is just doing well in his bowel metabolism, he may experience a malfunction in his bathroom habits if he has colon cancer.

8. Another sign is when a person feels like he is going to defecate all the time. The tumor that may be present in the colon can give him this kind of feeling. He may feel that there is something that is ready to be released but there is none. He may not know that there is a tumor that is attached nearer to the exit.

It is important that an individual will determine early if he has the symptoms leading to a colon cancer. There are surgical procedures that can remove the tumor from the colon as long as the cancer is still in its early stages. It is important that a person should see a doctor immediately to check if he is in danger of acquiring a cancer in the colon.




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