What Are The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?

screening x-rays for cancer

If the person feels some pain in the chest or coughs out blood, there is a very strong chance that the individual has lung cancer. This disease can happen to anyone regardless of gender or age and is the number one cause of cancer in the United States.

Lung cancer happens when cells in the lungs grow rapidly then spread to nearby tissues throughout the entire body. This usually develops in the lining of the bronchi and is made up of a collection of diseases.

Lung cancer is caused by a variety of things. The most common is still from smoking. The person can also get this disease by working in places where asbestos, nickel, chromium, arsenic, uranium and diesel exhaust fumes are present that are usually found in industrial sites.

Non smokers can also get lung cancer due to secondary smoking. This is when the person inhales the fumes from the cigarette or from air exhaled by the smoker. There are 2 types of lung cancer. The small cell and the non small cell. Though non small is more common, small cell is greatly attributed to smoking.

Other signs of lung cancer could be shortness of breath, weight loss, fatigue, recurring, swelling in the neck or face, pneumonia or bronchitis and Hemoptysis. This can happen in one form or in a combination. Since this disease is quite serious, it is best to consult the doctor regarding one's condition.

People who are prone to lung cancer may be attributed to the family's medical history, working environment and smoking habits. Should the individual fall into any of these 3 factors, there is a very strong possibility of being a victim of this disease.

Doctor's can confirm this with a chest X-ray. If it appears to be abnormal, a CT scan will be conducted. Another way to check is by having a sputum cytology where the phlegm is checked for cancer cells.

Of all the tests, a biopsy is the best way to determine if the patient has cancer or not. This can be done by a bronchoscopy, thoracentesis or a thoracoscopy. Each of these tests requires the doctor to extract a sample that is checked under a microscope to confirm if the individual has lung cancer.

The symptoms of this disease are very similar to some sicknesses that are less serious. Because of the wrong diagnosis, this disease is often not treated in its early stages. If the patient gets lucky, a test for another condition detects it and treatment can be administered.

The most common forms of treating it are chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This is because the cancerous cells have already spread to other parts of the body which is a large area to cover.

Lung cancer is a disease that has taken the lives of millions around the world. Since there is no cure yet to stop this, the best thing that can be done is reducing the chances of it happening.

People who smoke should stop since it affects the user and the people in that area.  If the environment that the individual works in has toxic fumes, it is best to relocate or to get another job. By being aware of the symptoms, the person may be able to fight this disease in the early stages rather than fighting a losing battle with its complications.




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