Do Not Let Thyroid Cancer Thrive

At present, there are 20,000 cases of thyroid cancer that take place every year in America alone. However, people do not seem to be entirely aware! Then it is proper to explore and learn more about Thyroid cancer.

What is Thyroid Cancer?

This definitely involves the thyroid gland. The gland can be identified under the Adam's apple. Most of the time, it cannot be easily seen or felt. It has two lobes, the right and the left, joined by the isthmus.

It is responsible for the thyroid hormone which is needed for many bodily processes and functions. The production depends on the supply of iodine in the blood.thyroid cancer awarness ribbon

It also takes charge of the metabolism. Too much of it can result to hyperactivity. Too little of it can result to weakness.

It has 2 types of cells, the thyroid follicle cells and the C cells. From these two, different cancers may develop.

Types of Thyroid Cancer

1. Papillary / Mixed Papillary / Mixed Follicular

This among the four is the most common. It accounts to 78% of the thyroid cancer cases now. They grow from the thyroid follicle, relatively slowly.

2. Follicular / Hurthle cell

This accounts for 17% of the cases and the next most common. This is found among people who do not take in enough iodine in their system.

3. Medullary

Medullary type comprises 4% of the cases. This is the only one that develops from C cells.

4. Anaplastic

This is rarely to occur, accounting for 1% only. This is said to grow from an existing thyroid cancer that rapidly spreads in the body and may even turn out as fatal.

Symptoms and signs

Thyroid cancer can be manifested in many ways. However, this may vary depending on the case, circumstances or stage of the disease.

1. hoarseness of the voice
2. unusual change in the voice
3. lingering difficulty in swallowing
4. cough, especially coughs with bleeding
5. neck swelling or the enlargement of a protuberance of the gland.

Risk Factors of Thyroid Cancer

Statistics show that it is more likely to occur among women as against men, in a ration of 3 is to 1.

This could be found in any age group, however, it is more common and more aggressive for the age group of 30 years old and above.

Is Thyroid Cancer Curable?

Most of the cases have proven to be curable. Actually, papillary thyroid cancer is the most curable among all kinds of cancers, with a success rate of 97%. In younger patients especially, there is a very high rate of success if treated properly.

The follicular and papillary cancer types are usually treated by removing the lobe of the thyroid.

However, medullary type proved to be more difficult to be diagnosed. It spreads the cancer cells to more lymph nodes, thus making it imperative to conduct a more intense operation.

Anaplastic thyroid cancer has the poorest prognosis. It is usually detected only upon having spread already. It is very rare to outlast anaplastic type. A single operation may often fail to remove all the tumors.

The Issue of Chemotherapy

Most claim that chemotherapy is a good strategy to take in addressing thyroid cancers, considering the nature of the organ. Its cells are the only ones that can absorb iodine that is needed to produce hormones.

Radioactive iodine is said to be the best remedy to give after administering the removal of the thyroid cancer. The iodine is poisonous to any of the remaining cancer cells.

This is imperative to prevent the redevelopment of the cancer in the future. However, this should be properly discerned in the light of the circumstances. It has to apply in a case-to-case basis.

Information must be sought for early diagnosis and immediate treatment of the cancer. After all, it is the only body any person will take care of in a lifetime. It deserves all the attention it needs.




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