How To Treat Colon Cancer

Minimally Invasive Colon Cancer Treatment

One of the leading causes of cancer in the United States is Colon Cancer. This refers to the part of the body that is responsible for storing food and waste until it is time to be released.

The early symptoms of this disease can be seen if there is blood in the feces, a change in the bowel movements that can either be in the form of diarrhea or constipation and pain experienced in the lower abdomen. Given that this is quite serious, it is best to consult the doctor immediately for proper examination.

Although modern medicine has not yet been able to determine the cause of this disease, research has shown that over the past 20 years, the survival rate of people that have succumbed to this illness has dropped.

This is because of new methods that can detect it during the earlier stages and the new techniques that have been developed to fight this.

Colon cancer is treatable. The various procedures to be used will depend on the progress of the cancer on the patient.

1. Surgery is always the best way to get rid of the cancerous section. This means taking out the organ and the adjacent tissues surrounding it.

2. Chemotherapy is a systematic procedure that involves the use of different drugs to slow the growth of the tumor and to destroy the cancer cells. The medications given can be taken in orally by the patient or through a tube injected in the body.

The doctor can administer this before surgery or can be done together with other forms of therapy. The side effects of chemotherapy are mouth irritation, diarrhea, hair loss and low white blood cell count.

3. Biological therapy otherwise known as immunotherapy can be conducted to stimulate the immune system inside the body and to protect itself from the side effects due to chemotherapy. The agents that can be used to fight this are levamisole and Calmette-Guerin.

The patient may suffer similar side effects to that of chemotherapy and may also experience chills, fever, muscle pain, nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite.

4. Radiation therapy can also be used to fight this disease. This painless procedure is carried out using high energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors. The possible side effects of this disease are hair loss, swelling and reddened skin which can be reduced through prescribed medication.

Follow up treatment should be done to make sure that all the cancer cells were removed and that these do not recur. This can be done using x-rays, CT scans, colonoscopies,  blood and feces samples that can be collected from the patient.

The digestive system is an important part of the body that is constantly at work. When an individual decides to eat something, this goes into the stomach and is converted into   energy for the person to carry out the tasks required for the day.

Nobody can ever understand how it feels like to be diagnosed with colon cancer unless the person has been there.

Some people who are diagnosed with colon cancer are only given 5 years left to live but some have proven to live even longer. By getting information about the treatments available, the patient can make the right decision with the help of the doctor on how to proceed to fight this disease.




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