Understanding Uterus Cancer

The cancer of the uterus is the most common cancer that is acquired by females. It occurs mostly in the female reproductive system where there is tumor found in the inner lining of the uterus also known as the endometrium. The American Cancer Society has reported that there are 40,320 new cases of endometrial cancer in the United States. The good thing about it is that if the cancer is discovered and reported early, there is a great chance of surviving this cancer.

Most women who were detected early to have the symptoms of the cancer in the uterus are considered to be in their menopausal stages. The symptoms may occur in the vagina, where a woman would experience abnormal severe bleeding. Women who are in their 30's have lesser risks in acquiring this kind of cancer, and there should be rare cases in females that are in their 40's. When she experiences a hard time in urinating and she experiences severe pain in the vagina while having a sexual intercourse, she may have the symptoms of the cancer in the uterus.uterine cancer diagram

Another symptom that can determine if a female has this kind of cancer is when she is experiencing an abnormal menstrual cycle. It is important that she should see an expert to see if she has a tumor in the uterus. Most cases that were not treated are those cancers, which are on their critical stages. Early detection of the cancer may lead to a better treatment and the survival percentage is higher.

Obesity is one big factor for someone to develop a cancer in the uterus. Other factors that can be considered as risks in having this kind of cancer is if the family has a history on cancers like in the colon especially if the profile is similar to the type of colon cancer on the hereditary part of the individual. If an individual does not have any children in her late stages or in her menopausal stage, the risks of having uterus cancer is very high.

If an individual has high blood pressure or if she has diabetes would indicate that she has a greater chance in having a cancer in the uterus. Statistics show according to the American Cancer Society that most Caucasian females have the most number of cases when it comes to the cancer of the uterine although more African-American die from uterus cancer.

The tendency to experience an irregular menstrual period in the near menopausal stages should be common to most females. There is the increase of hormonal levels and they fall unexpectedly. These circumstances may also show signs of uterine malfunction or early stages of uterine cancer.

If the menstrual cycle has stopped for several months and then the cycle started once more with severe bleeding in the vagina, it is advisable that the individual must tell the problem to her husband so that she will be accompanied in seeing a doctor for examination and biopsy if needed to detect any signs of cancer in the uterus.

Other hormonal abnormalities that can cause uterine cancer may include the bleeding of the adrenal glands and the thyroid glands. There are pre cancerous conditions which include polyps, infections in the uterus, Fibroids, and scar tissue that may lead to unexpected bleedings. It is important to tackle this kinds of symptoms with the help of a professional cancer doctor to know what kind of diagnostic examinations are needed to detect the cause of the abnormalities.




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